Who We Are

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Inventive Products engineers have been working on projects together since 1990. The IP associates have extensive knowledge in Industrial Design, mechanical and electrical engineering, physics, plastics engineering and product development. We are constantly researching products that have genuine possibilities toward helping mankind navigate the future with a bit more ease and health, we began seriously investigating and researching alternative energy and healing methods since about 1999. Our research into Nikola Tesla, Victor Schauberger and John Keely taught us that energy and the search for it in the universe is highly interrelated with energy of the body and the search for greater health. Our research also uncovered some little known facts such as: One hundred years ago, back when Oil was not a driving force in the financial world, there were more electric cars on the road than gasoline powered ones, and research also indicates that 100 years ago we knew what caused cancer and how to treat it! Uncovering facts like these often become the driving force behind what we do.