Phanotron Tube

patterned after one of the original tubes designed by Lakhovsky

This tube is a hand held Phanotron. It was developed to be used along with the MWO. The idea of this tube is to be able to get very close to the body and work on very specific areas as well as using it to activate specific acupuncture points to accelerate the body’s own healing response as well as clearing the body’s energy field in specific areas. And from recently received feedback, this tube is proving to be very, very successful in these areas.

The advantage of using a Phonotron tube is it allows the user to intensify the energy from the MWO with great precision while at the same time getting a general body treatment. The unit integrates into the MWO system and is energized when the antenna are energized. If you do not want to use it during a session, you can simply leave it laying beside your chair, or you can disconnect it from the system.